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Hotels in Alicante
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Denia is one of the most important cities of the Alicante’s region. In Denia you can find our hotel, Villa Amor Hotel. A contemporary hotel that offers you its high quality services and its satisfaction of the customer experience.

You also can find by searching on our website, most of the best situated hotels in Alicante.

We can offer you a comfortable new style hotel, ideal for the needs of your entire stay at one of the hotels in Alicante.


Our Villa Amor Hotel is situated in the north of the region of Alicante, in the city of Denia.

You can get to our hotels in Alicante by car taking the national road N 332 or the A7 highway, both connect the east coast of Spain. Our hotel offers you private free parking, only for our customers.

Very close to the hotels in Alicante you can find a railway station with regular service to the most important cities of Spain. From Alicante you can get to our hotel by the line “Alicante-Denia” or by the railway track “Trenet de la Marina”.

The nearest airport from the hotels in Alicante is the Altet Aeroport (Alicante), situated 100 km far away from our hotel.

Denia has a beautiful large port from where you can take direct regular service to the Balear Islands.


The beaches of Costa Blanca are one of the most famous touristic areas on the Mediterranean Sea. Most of the beaches situated near the hotels in Alicante carry the Blue Flag for the cleaness of their waters and the quality of its services.

Denia has 20 km of coastline divided on two different kinds of beaches.

On the north of Denia you will find long fine sandy beaches perfect for families that stay at hotels in Alicante. These beaches are perfect also for people who want to practice water sports like sailing, snorkel, diving or windsurfing.

On the south of Denia you will find rocky coves with crystalline waters and with a landscape of great beauty. These coves are part of the best places for practice snorkel or water diving, and they are near the hotels in Alicante.

Visits and excursions

During your stay at the hotels in Alicante you can visit the variety of cultural attractions of Denia.

You can visit the Denia’s Castle, situated on the top of a hill next to the city center. This castle was built between the 11th and 12 th century, in the Islamic period, and was partially destroyed during the spanish war of succession, when the principal palace of the governors was completly destroyed, nowadays it was rebuilt and it has became a archaeological museum.

In Denia you can visit also the Almadrava archaeological site, which is from the roman period. It open for visits the whole the summer.

Near our hotels in Alicante you will find the maritime neighbourhood, which has as a principal characteristic the narrow streets and that the most of its houses are white. You can also visit the city center, where the old muslim medina was situated.

During your stay at the hotels in Alicante, you also can visit Alicante. Here you can find one of the biggest castles of Spain, the castle of Santa Barbara. It is a big fortress on the top of a hill next to the city center.

You can also maximize your stay at the hotels in Alicante, by seeing all the monuments and cultural sites of Alicante, and making a good use of all the sightseeings, during a walk through the old city of Alicante.